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Shoutcast Advanced 



Unlimited Listeners

60GB Auto DJ Space

            FREE Web hosting



      Account with this stream.

Unlimited Transfer limit

Unlimited Transfer limit

2000 Listeners

Mount point`s 3

Add Web Hosting For £2 A Month




Please Note There Is NO Auto DJ With This Plan

15 Accounts



100GB Disk Space



Unlimited Bandwidth



5000 Listeners


192KB/s Quality(max)




Ticket Support



SHOUTcast v2 or Icecas


£10 shoutcast
Stream Only
Basic Reseller
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Some Of The Other Services We Offer At Shoutcast Services


      Look  What You Get With Ever Centova Control Panel 

Centovacast control panel

Centova Cast is the world's most advanced Internet radio stream hosting control panel. Manage a single station with ease, or automate a stream hosting business.

This is the most used radio panel in the world.

Reporting and Satistics

Keep bang up to date in real time Monitoring your stream audience, performance and resource utilization is essential to running a successful radio station. Free statistics for your visitors and music.

24/7 Auto DJ keeps you running 

Uploading your files to the Cloud AutoDJ library allows you to create multiple playlists. Your own Internet Radio in autopilot 24/7 using the AutoDJ.all uploads can be done FTP easy and fast 


We have an unique offer for our web radio hostings plans at an unprecedented prices. 
Some streams offer FREE web hosting as part of your package.
And also you can have 7 days FREE to try our streams out. 


         Lite Version



      Site Features


  Drag & Drop Builder



    Unlimited Pages




    No Weebly Ads










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